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east village

As part of the New York Times $300 Make-Over that ran on March 11, 2009, we were asked to make-over Laura Rich's West Village apartment. The goals of the project were to create the "new feel and flow" for the apartment using furnishings that were already existing in the space with an allowance of approx. $300 to make improvements or purchase additional items.

Our client was thrilled because, in addition to the general re-design, we opened up the area near the back door making it a "more obviously a place to go" and moved the desk so that it was "no longer in a gloomy and depressing spot in the back."

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4-hour Buy My Eye session
Implemented changes for client as part of article requirements
Give the space a "totally new vibe"
Accommodate a work-at-home space
Watch TV from both the murphy bed and the sofa
CLIENT Preferences:
A vintage look
How We Achieved It:
Our client's studio apartment was approx. 12' x 17' and needed to incorporate her home-office as well as her living space. We changed the furniture arrangement around to open up the flow, placed the TV in a location where it could be turned to face either the Murphy bed or the sofa, added bookshelves and placed the desk in an area where spending time was more pleasing.