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midtown east

The homeowner of this 1,100 square foot apartment in East Midtown is a pilot and wanted his home to be a serene and quiet alternative to his hectic work life. He had completed a gut renovation and began furnishing the space himself, but he was looking for a little direction, so he contacted Buy My Eye. Buy My Eye created the Furniture Plan, suggested new furniture pieces and suggested ways to incorporate his existing pieces into the plan. In addition, Buy My Eye placed the artwork and suggested pillow accents in orange and a gold-toned silver to add a bright touch of color.

4-Hour Buy My Eye for Entire Apartment
Client then hired Perianth Interior Design to oversee order placement
Create a Furniture Plan for Living Room
Finishing and Accessorizing Apartment
CLIENT Preferences:
Natural neutral color palette
For Living Room to have 'pop'
How We Achieved It:
We made a Furniture Plan sketch of the Living Room, made suggestions for additional furniture pieces and specified paint colors. We also styled the client's bookcases and located their artwork. We worked closely with the client to achieve their aesthetic goals.