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park avenue

This client had her own trade accounts at the D&D building, but needed some help shopping for fabrics, making the best choices for her Pied-à-Terre. We guided her with window treatment styles and fabrics, as well as designing the bed linens and headboard details.

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Three 2-Hour Buy My Eye Sessions
1 session at apartment to discuss needs with client and to see and measure space
1 session off-site to draft up computer-drafted Furniture Plan
1 session shopping at D&D building and then reviewing the fabrics at clients' apartment
Devise a furniture plan that would incorporate a dining table
Complete the furnishings for the apartment
Select a location that would accommodation the television
Suggest headboard fabrics and style
Create comfortable seating for eight in the living room
CLIENT Preferences:
A luxurious, Ritz-style ambience
Traditional elegance
How We Achieved It:
We suggested a furniture plan together with furniture pieces and drapery styles that met our client's needs and reflected her unique taste. After reviewing all the suggestions, she considered our sources, and sought out her own options as well. Buy My Eye helped make the final selection. We accompanied the client in shopping at the D&D building, helping to select fabrics for curtains and bedding details. The client handled her own purchasing, fabricating and installation.