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upper west side

The most important element for our client in this studio apartment was the built-in window unit, which needed to multi-task as a radiator cover, shelving unit and media cabinet. After assessing the exact requirements, we measured, sketched and designed the built-in unit. We worked closely with the client's contractor to answer any questions and discuss wire-management. The outcome was extremely successful.

In addition, Buy My Eye suggested a new furniture plan from the existing layout and suggested the scale for the new pieces. The client requested our advice on furniture ideas they had found in their search.

See What We Did Our Plan
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4-Hour Buy My Eye
2-Hour follow-up Buy My Eye to meet with clients' contractor
Change the look of the space rather than the functionality
Design a new radiator cover that will also incorporate shelving, storage and media
Re-orchestrate the furniture plan
Add to the ambiance with new paint colors
CLIENT Preferences:
A soft color palette
Young, romantic feel
How We Achieved It:
We worked closely with the client to choose soft paint colors throughout the apartment, reconfigured the furniture plan, redesigned the built-in cabinetry, and provide drawings for the client's contractor. During our collaborations, we focused on the clients' desire to create a calm backdrop and comfortable layout.